Around January of 2010, I (Mike Kirk) began building some driftwood furniture. I had the idea, but only did a little bit of work. I built about 4-5 pieces, until something twigged, and I began turning my small hobby into a business idea.  Around April, I really went at it, and was delivering loads of driftwood in my small car(Suzuki Swift) I was doing this almost every day, and making furniture day after day, sometimes working for 10 hours.

Now I have found a steady pace to work at, and have found myself enjoying the work even more. I have just recently incorporated the mechanical Chop Saw, but before that, I was using a hand saw for all my cutting. And more recently, there has been a purchase of a Mitre Saw, Cordless Drill, and Skill Saw. The business is growing around Courtenay (my town) and will only get bigger.

We are located in a small town called Royston. It is located in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest places to live because of its scenic views of mountains, ocean and lakes. I thank the Lord for providing me with the driftwood.

>> For anyone looking into this kind of work, I would recomend starting slow, gradually buying the things you need, and stay at it everyday, until you have gained your momentum. Once you have the wheels spinning, it will be hard to stop.


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